Bats and Rats : Band 03 Yellow/Band 10 White

Bats and Rats : Band 03 Yellow/Band 10 White



Find out all about two nocturnal animals – bats and rats. Learn fascinating facts about the similarities and differences of these two animals in this illustrated information book by Karen Romano Young. *Collins Big Cat Phonics Progress books are specifically designed for struggling readers, giving them age-appropriate texts that they can read, building their confidence and fostering positive attitudes towards reading. This title has a text level of Band 3 / Yellow, which provides varied sentence structure and natural language, and an interest level of Band 10 / White. *Text type: An information book *On pages 14 to 15, children can recap the information in the book. *Curriculum links: Science

Paperback Book

16 pages

Published: 2013 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780007516421

Dimensions: 161 x 70 x 2mm

Author(s): Karen Romano Young


Bats and Rats : Band 03 Yellow/Band 10 White Paperback Book Edition by Karen Romano Young

Part of The Popular Series: Collins Big Cat Phonics Progress

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