Batsfo Chess for Children Activity Book

Batsfo Chess for Children Activity Book


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A follow up to Chess for Children, this is a very imaginative way of building up your children’s knowledge and interest in chess through a series of fun chess games and activities. The same two cheeky children, Jess and Jamie, talk though the games in language that kids would relate to – and this time they are joined by their friends Harry and Marnie so that group chess games can be explored. The book includes puzzles and games, some easy ‘variants’ of chess, and a guess-the-next move section, along with ‘revision’ pages to help remind children of the chess basics. All are accompanied by easy-to-read chess boards and fun illustrations. Chess in schools and clubs is growing all the time and our author is a leading light in kids chess, teaching at many London schools, including Dulwich College. The book works well as a companion to the earlier book, Chess for Children, but also as a standalone activity book. Whether your child is just beginning to learn chess or already immersed in the subject, this book will help encourage their interest and love of the subject. A great book for both parents and teachers. Suitable for children aged 7 and up.

Paperback Book

120 pages, 130 colour illustrations

Published: 2015 by Pavilion Books

ISBN: 9781849942843

Dimensions: 192 x 248 x 9mm

Author(s): Sabrina Chevannes


Batsfo Chess for Children Activity Book Paperback Book Edition by Sabrina Chevannes

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