Batsfo Music for Children

Batsfo Music for Children


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A hugely enjoyable way for young children to learn about music. Following on from our successful Chess for Children, music teacher Becky Rumens-Syratt takes young children (aged 6 to 12) on a journey to understand the basics of music, and then specifically how to start to play some of the key instruments: piano, guitar, and recorder. With the help of Trudi Treble and Barry Bass, you can teach children the language of music, the clefs, the stave, the notes and rhythm, with great games along the way, such as making your own edible stave and notes with strawberry laces and smarties or M&Ms. It gives detailed advice such as how to hold a recorder properly for very young children to using a chocolatey finger to learn how to blow into the instrument. It features the same style of illustration as Chess for Children and the same fun elements to make teaching your child about music as enjoyable as it should be.

Hardback Book

128 pages, 90 colour illustrations

Published: 2016 by Pavilion Books

ISBN: 9781849943093

Dimensions: 199 x 253 x 16mm

Author(s): Becky Rumens-Syratt


Batsfo Music for Children Hardback Book Edition by Becky Rumens-Syratt

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