Bear Grylls Extreme Planet

Bear Grylls Extreme Planet



Bear Grylls’ Extreme Planet is a whirlwind tour of the globe, seeking out the highest, deepest, wildest, thinnest, coolest, hottest, scariest and smelliest things planet Earth has to offer!From the longest place name and the most dangerous road in the world, to the riskiest food to eat and where to find the oldest vomit, Bear Grylls will guide you through the coolest facts and the most perilous limits of our Extreme Planet. A fantastic journey through all the extremes of our fascinating world.

Hardback Book

128 pages

Published: 2016 by Bonnier Zaffre

ISBN: 9781786960030

Dimensions: 225 x 292 x 15mm

Author(s): Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls Extreme Planet Hardback Book Edition by Bear Grylls

Suggested Age Group(s): 5 to 8 year olds,