Bear Grylls Survival Skills: First Aid

Bear Grylls Survival Skills: First Aid



The must-have survival guide for all young explorers from chief scout, adventurer, writer and televsion presenter, Bear Grylls. Embark on an amazing adventure with Bear Grylls as you learn the survival skills to stay safe in the wild and be able to cope in all situations. Learn how to best prepare for a journey to avoid unnecessary injuries, how to treat all the injuries that could occur in the wild, and instructions on how to act in an emergency. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips from Bear.

Paperback Book

48 pages

Published: 2017 by Bonnier Zaffre

ISBN: 9781786960351

Dimensions: 141 x 189 x 10mm

Author(s): Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls Survival Skills: First Aid Paperback Book Edition by Bear Grylls

Suggested Age Group(s): 8 to 11 year olds,