Bears in the Night

Bears in the Night



This classic children’s book is perfect for young and reluctant readers, thanks to its clever repetition and use of only 24 words! Out of Bed, To the Window, Through the Woods. . . Whoooo! It’s scares for little bears in this classic children’s book for beginning and reluctant readers! Lots of repetition makes for easy learning, and the spooky but safe theme is a big hit with young ones. Beginner Books are designed to encourage even `non-reading’ children to read. Some Beginner Books are simple stories, others are hilarious nonsense: both types have been designed to give children confidence and make them want to go on reading. Perfect for both boys and girls of ages 3 and up.

Paperback Book

32 pages, (Colour illustrations)

Published: 1981 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780001712713

Dimensions: 225 x 165 x 4mm

Author(s): Stan Berenstain


Bears in the Night Paperback Book Edition by Stan Berenstain

Part of The Popular Series: Bright and Early Books

Suggested Age Group(s): 3 to 5 year olds,