Beaver Towers

Beaver Towers



A young fantasy classic. The first adventure in the exciting, funny and magical BEAVER TOWERS series. A magic spell whisks Philip away on his new kite to a far-off island where he meets the beavers – Mr Edgar and his grandson, Baby B. They tell him of the terrible danger that threatens them. The wicked witch Oyin has imprisoned most of the island’s inhabitants in Beaver Towers, and when her powers are complete she will put them to death and rule the island. Philip has to get her spell book in order to save them.

Paperback Book

112 pages

Published: 1995 by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780140370607

Dimensions: 196 x 129 x 8mm

Author(s): Nigel Hinton


Beaver Towers Paperback Book Edition by Nigel Hinton

Suggested Age Group(s):