Bee Boy: Attack of the Zombees

Bee Boy: Attack of the Zombees



Half BEE. Half BOY. Melvin Meadly is . . . BEE BOY! When a strange sickness bug strikes at school, Mel has his suspicions – could this have something to do with the new kid, Berty Crump? More questions arise when Mel and his bees discover a factory in the woods with giant flowers, chemical spraying drones, beekeepers in metal suits, and worse of all . . . ZOMBEEZ! The highly entertaining story of an unlikely superhero, full of fantastic facts, and illustrated in black and yellow!

Paperback Book

192 pages, Colour

Published: 2018 by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192763891

Dimensions: 130 x 184 x 15mm

Author(s): Tony De Saulles


Bee Boy: Attack of the Zombees Paperback Book Edition by Tony De Saulles

Suggested Age Group(s):