Bink and Gollie: Two for One

Bink and Gollie: Two for One



If you’re looking for two marvellous companions, who will make you hug the page with delight, look no further than Bink and Gollie!The spring fair is in town, and for Bink and Gollie – utter opposites and uber best friends – three comical adventures await! Bink attacks the Whack-a-Duck with an unswerving winning attitude – the world’s largest doughnut is up for grabs! And, with a quiet determination, Gollie storms the stage at the talent show… BUT a lousy shot and a case of stage fright spoil each girl’s chances! Undeterred, they use their grey matter and turn it all around! In the final story, Bink and Gollie make a date with destiny: Madame Prunely, fortune-teller spectacular! She looks into her crystal ball and tells them everything they could ever need to know … they’ll always be together. Without question.

Paperback Book

88 pages

Published: 2013 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406344967

Dimensions: 229 x 151 x 6mm

Author(s): Kate DiCamillo


Bink and Gollie: Two for One Paperback Book Edition by Kate DiCamillo

Part of The Popular Series: Bink and Gollie

Suggested Age Group(s):