Busy Dog Bonnie

Busy Dog Bonnie



Bonnie the tiny white dog takes on the great outdoors in her fifth adventure. “Camping’s not for girls – or girlie dogs!” said Zack. “This is a boys-only survival adventure!” Harry and Zack are planning a camping trip in the wild outdoors. There’s only one rule: no girls allowed – and that includes Bonnie. But Busy Dog Bonnie has other ideas – camping is hard work, and it’s about time she showed those boys who the real survivor is.

Paperback Book

96 pages

Published: 2013 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406351194

Dimensions: 135 x 201 x 7mm

Author(s): Bel Mooney


Busy Dog Bonnie Paperback Book Edition by Bel Mooney

Part of The Popular Series: Walker Racing Reads

Suggested Age Group(s):