Cats and Curses

Cats and Curses



The fourth title in the brilliant mystery adventure series by Waterstones Book Prize shortlisted author, Elen Caldecott. For fans of the Laura Marlin Mysteries by Lauren St John. Meet Piotr, Minnie, Andrew, Flora and Sylvie – the Marsh Road Mystery solvers. It’s a good day for Andrew. His mum is feeling better than she has done in ages and she’s even going back to work at last. But things begin to go badly wrong when she signs for a mysterious package containing an ancient Egyptian mummified cat. Has the fated feline cursed the Marsh Road junk shop – or is there something else afoot? The five friends have a new case to solve.

Paperback Book

240 pages, None

Published: 2016 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408876046

Dimensions: 131 x 197 x 16mm

Author(s): Elen Caldecott


Cats and Curses Paperback Book Edition by Elen Caldecott

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