Creature Teacher: Out to Win

Creature Teacher: Out to Win



Something’s out of control in the classroom! Jake and his friends are competing in front of a crowd of thousands at the local football stadium. Well, maybe not thousands, but lots of their mums and dads are there. So when their brilliant teacher, Mr Hyde, turns into a mischievous little creature, how on earth are they going to keep his secret? There’s only so long that they can pretend he’s the team mascot, and he’s certainly not going to play by the rules! A book where all the pupils are supporting their teacher for once, Jake and his class form a compelling friendship group that readers will adore. Highly illustrated throughout with energetic artwork from David O’Connell, this hilarious story is a winner!

Paperback Book

192 pages, B/W

Published: 2016 by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192744432

Dimensions: 131 x 199 x 23mm

Author(s): Sam Watkins


Creature Teacher: Out to Win Paperback Book Edition by Sam Watkins

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