Flat Stanley: The Japanese Ninja Surprise

Flat Stanley: The Japanese Ninja Surprise



Join everybody’s favourite flat boy for another magical adventure – It’s Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley. The Japanese Ninja SurpriseStanley and his brother, Arthur, are such huge fans of the ninja movie star Oda Nobu that they decide to send him something even better than fan mail – Stanley himself! Soon enough, Flat Stanley is in Japan, seeing the country with his idol. But when trouble surprises them, it will take real hero to save the day. But whoever heard of a flat ninja?Jeff Brown’s world-famous character Flat Stanley continues to charm half a century after he first found his way into print.

Paperback Book

112 pages, black & white line illustrations

Published: 2011 by Egmont

ISBN: 9781405252102

Dimensions: 135 x 196 x 8mm

Author(s): Sara Pennypacker


Flat Stanley: The Japanese Ninja Surprise Paperback Book Edition by Sara Pennypacker

Part of The Popular Series: Flat Stanley

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