Enter a prehistoric world with cave-boy Glog in this innovative storybook designed to boost reader confidence. Cave-boy Glog is accidentally left behind when his tribe move to new hunting grounds – and things look bleak. Glog will have to do the best he can to fend for himself until they come to find him. Along the way he encounters a ferocious wolf and gathers some new friends. He draws them on the cave wall for company, but it’s not the same as his own tribe. Will Glog’s family come back for him?

Paperback Book

64 pages

Published: 2007 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406304053

Dimensions: 186 x 140 x 5mm

Author(s): Pippa Goodhart


Glog Paperback Book Edition by Pippa Goodhart

Part of The Popular Series: Walker Stories

Suggested Age Group(s):