Hank Zipzer: The Colossal Camera Calamity

Hank Zipzer: The Colossal Camera Calamity



A hilarious book based on the top-rated CBBC TV show Hank Zipzer about the adventures of a cheeky loveable hero. Love the CBBC series of Hank Zipzer? Love this book! It is based on characters from the TV episodes and the bestselling series by Henry “the Fonz” Winkler and Lin Oliver. A dyslexia-friendly typeface makes reading easier. It’s school-photo time, which is the worst time of year for Hank Zipzer. No matter what he does, he always ends up looking like he’s just seen Miss Adolf dancing. Bleurg! This year, he’s determined to get it right. Unfortunately school bully Nick McKelty has other ideas…

Paperback Book

128 pages

Published: 2015 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406359732

Dimensions: 129 x 197 x 12mm

Author(s): Theo Baker


Hank Zipzer: The Colossal Camera Calamity Paperback Book Edition by Theo Baker

Part of The Popular Series: Hank Zipzer

Suggested Age Group(s):