Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason and the Golden Fleece



The classic Greek myth re-told for children growing in reading confidence. When Jason is sent on a quest for the Golden Fleece, he doesn’t expect it to involve clashing rocks, man-eating birds and a murderous king. Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton.

Hardback Book

64 pages, full colour illustrations throughout

Published: 2007 by Usborne Books

ISBN: 9780746080771

Dimensions: 203 x 132 x 12mm

Author(s): Claudia Zeff


Jason and the Golden Fleece Hardback Book Edition by Claudia Zeff

Part of The Popular Series: 3.2 Young Reading Series Two (Blue)

Suggested Age Group(s): 5 to 8 year olds,