Judy Moody: Twice as Moody

Judy Moody: Twice as Moody



Jump-start a Judy Moody collection with this uber-cool compilation of the first two adventures in the series. As more and more kids are feeling the Moody mania, it’s time to offer a head start on the adventures that earned the feisty third-grader a place in readers’ hearts. In Judy Moody, Mr Todd assigns his class a special Me Project and Judy really gets a chance to express herself! In Judy Moody Gets Famous! a determined Judy is out to find fame and happiness, but will she become more infamous than ever?

Paperback Book

304 pages

Published: 2017 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406377415

Dimensions: 135 x 184 x 25mm

Author(s): Megan McDonald


Judy Moody: Twice as Moody Paperback Book Edition by Megan McDonald

Part of The Popular Series: Judy Moody

Suggested Age Group(s):