Lucy Locket: Online Disaster

Lucy Locket: Online Disaster



NEWSFLASH . . . VLOGGING IS GO!It’s bad enough having to move house, school and country all at the same time, without making a fool of yourself on the first day of term. But that’s just what Lucy’s done – and one of her classmates has videoed the whole thing and put it online!Lucy’s so stressed, her stammer’s become worse than ever. So when a friend encourages her to create her own videos, she thinks it’s a terrible idea – surely she’s embarrassed herself enough for one lifetime! But when Lucy finally gives vlogging a try, she’s amazed to find that people actually want to watch . . . Includes tips for making your own vlogs!

Paperback Book

272 pages

Published: 2016 by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509814916

Dimensions: 132 x 279 x 19mm

Author(s): Emma Moss


Lucy Locket: Online Disaster Paperback Book Edition by Emma Moss

Part of The Popular Series: Girls Can Vlog

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