A beautifully written and touching story about one young girl’s life following the sudden and unexpected death of her mother. Despite Mrs Lemon’s extra sweeties, and sneaky peaks at her sisters’ diary, Mimi is struggling. Her dad is always sad, her sister has a horrible secret, and 151 days ago her mammy died. What is Mimi to do? Mimi’s tale is a compassionate, immensely moving, and gently humorous story from newcomer John Newman that powerfully captures the importance of family, of supporting and understanding one another, and sticking up for yourself when other people don’t understand.

Paperback Book

192 pages

Published: 2010 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406322378

Dimensions: 197 x 129 x 13mm

Author(s): John Newman


Mimi Paperback Book Edition by John Newman

Suggested Age Group(s):