No Stone Unturned

No Stone Unturned



Kelly, a Traveller girl, is isolated and unhappy at her new school. Until the hot summer day when she meets Ben. Ben offers to help Kelly with her history project. It’s just schoolwork – except that the investigation quickly becomes compelling. Strange puzzles are revealed. A dark secret of the local quarry comes to life. Soon the mystery of the past is spilling into the present – and into Kelly’s own life. Kelly must bring the long-buried truth to light. And she will leave no stone unturned… A tense, moving mystery with brilliant historical detail of Victorian life, by the author of the Carnegie-nominated One Day In Oradour.

Paperback Book

272 pages, No

Published: 2014 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472905406

Dimensions: 197 x 131 x 17mm

Author(s): Helen Watts


No Stone Unturned Paperback Book Edition by Helen Watts

Part of The Popular Series: Flashbacks

Suggested Age Group(s):