Owen and the Mountain

Owen and the Mountain



When a grandson goes to stay with his grandfather the older man is worried – what will they do together? How will they get along? But the boy knows that he wants to climb the mountain and sets about persuading his grandfather. Soon they are walking together and dealing with the difficulties of the journey and when they return home that evening they do so as better friends, both having learnt valuable lessons during the day. A loving, warm and very touching book about believing in each other and trusting in experience.

Paperback Book

32 pages, illustrations, (some colour )

Published: 2001 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780747550938

Dimensions: 243 x 273 x 4mm

Author(s): Malachy Doyle


Owen and the Mountain Paperback Book Edition by Malachy Doyle

Suggested Age Group(s):