Pirate Tales: The Pirate Prisoner

Pirate Tales: The Pirate Prisoner



From the bestselling author of Horrible Histories… Nevis Island, Caribbean, 1680Red-legs Greaves has been a slave, a pirate, and a rich sugar planter. Now he’s a prisoner. And next morning, he’ll be dead – hanged by the neck for piracy! His only friend is a slave girl called Lou. Can Lou do anything to save Red-legs? It would take a miracle… A fantastic story blending pirate legend with historical fact and Terry Deary’s vividly imagined characters. Book Band: GreyIdeal for ages 8+Quizzed for Accelerated Reader

Paperback Book

64 pages, Black and white throughout

Published: 2017 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472941947

Dimensions: 129 x 197 x 7mm

Author(s): Terry Deary


Pirate Tales: The Pirate Prisoner Paperback Book Edition by Terry Deary

Part of The Popular Series: Pirate Tales

Suggested Age Group(s): 5 to 8 year olds,