Rollercoasters: Jane Eyre

Rollercoasters: Jane Eyre



Maltreated at the hands of her cruel aunt, and suffering under the harsh discipline of Lowood School, Jane Eyre’s childhood is far from a happy one. Things promise to improve when Jane takes up the role of governess at Thornfield Hall, but the mystery of what is in the attic looms large, threatening to disrupt the fledgling love affair between Jane and the property’s mercurial owner, Mr Rochester.

Paperback Book

520 pages

Published: 2015 by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198355328

Dimensions: 206 x 136 x 31mm

Author(s): Charlotte Bronte


Rollercoasters: Jane Eyre Paperback Book Edition by Charlotte Bronte

Part of The Popular Series: Rollercoasters

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