Sophie’s Snail

Sophie’s Snail



Small but very determined, Sophie is everyone’s favourite farmer-to-be! A classic story for young readers by the beloved author of Babe. From the beloved author of Babe comes the first of six stories about Dick King-Smith’s most adored (human!) character, the inimitable Sophie, re-imagined twenty years later by the witty, perceptive paintbrush of the award-winning Hannah Shaw. Sophie loves animals of all kinds, but how will she grow up to be a farmer if she is not allowed any of her own? She goes looking for creatures to keep in her menagerie, but all she seems to find is trouble – yikes! And there is one pest she certainly doesn’t want around: her prissy new neighbour, Dawn…

Paperback Book

96 pages, 25 Illustrations, unspecified

Published: 2015 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406343052

Dimensions: 200 x 129 x 8mm

Author(s): Dick King-Smith


Sophie’s Snail Paperback Book Edition by Dick King-Smith

Part of The Popular Series: Sophie Adventures

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