Sophie’s Tom

Sophie’s Tom



Five-year-old Sophie finds that going to school and making friends is more difficult than running a farm! The ups and downs of Dick King-Smith’s stoic, determined heroine will appeal to children and parents alike.A classic story for young readers by the beloved author of Babe. From the beloved author of Babe comes the second of six stories about Dick King-Smith’s most adored (human!) character, the inimitable Sophie, re-imagined twenty years later by the witty, perceptive paintbrush of the award-winning Hannah Shaw. At last, Sophie has a farm of her very own – complete with barn, pond, cows, sheep and even a spotty pig! But a model farm is not quite the same as the real thing. Sophie’s fifth year brings new challenges, like going to school, making friends and chicken-pox. Another year older and even more determined…

Paperback Book

112 pages, 25 Illustrations, unspecified

Published: 2015 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406344325

Dimensions: 200 x 129 x 9mm

Author(s): Dick King-Smith


Sophie’s Tom Paperback Book Edition by Dick King-Smith

Part of The Popular Series: Sophie Adventures

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