That’s not my elf… Book and Toy

That’s not my elf… Book and Toy



This charming gift set includes the much-loved, touchy-feely book That’s not my elf… and an adorable elf soft toy. There are five Christmas elves to meet in the book, with shiny boots, fluffy scarves and soft hats, and a plush elf for little ones to cuddle as they listen to the book being read.

Mixed Media Pack

10 pages, full colour throughout

Published: 2018 by Usborne Books

ISBN: 9781474943413

Dimensions: 233 x 267 x 76mm

Author(s): Fiona Watt


That’s not my elf… Book and Toy Mixed Media Pack Edition by Fiona Watt

Part of The Popular Series: That’s not my… Book and Toy

Suggested Age Group(s): 3 to 5 year olds,