The Honeymoon Sisters

The Honeymoon Sisters


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Poppy’s house has always had at least one little foster-brother or sister. But when her mum announces they’ll be getting a new foster-child, she isn’t expecting it to be Sadie Shaw. Sadie is hard as nails, cold as ice, tougher than a tiger – and she’s the new girl in Poppy’s class at school. They’d never be seen together in public. Now they’re sharing a bathroom. Sadie and Poppy have a secret. They may not like each other, but their mums are sisters – who haven’t even spoken for years. But now Sadie’s mum’s disappeared, her dad’s in prison and Poppy’s mum is treating her like a long-lost daughter. How can Mum fall for Sadie’s sweet-as-honey act – when Poppy knows all too well what she’s really like?

Paperback Book

272 pages

Published: 2016 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408852750

Dimensions: 132 x 262 x 18mm

Author(s): Gwyneth Rees


The Honeymoon Sisters Paperback Book Edition by Gwyneth Rees

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