The Royal Wedding Crashers

The Royal Wedding Crashers



Anna and Holly Burnbright, together with their friend Prince Pepino, are trying to earn enough money to go on the intergalactic holiday of a lifetime. What they need is a holiday job. So when a tall, elegantly dressed lady called Mademoiselle Malypense tells them she needs help to organise the Francian Royal Wedding, they jump at the chance. She’s promised to pay handsomely!The children are whisked away to begin the preparations, but it’s not long before Holly smells a rat. Why does Mademoiselle Malypense insist they complete their tasks in secret? And isn’t there something odd about a garlic-flavoured wedding cake? Could there be more to this royal couple’s wedding day than meets the eye?The first in this series, The Royal Babysitters, was shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award. This second adventure is packed with jokes, adventures and illustrations with more exuberance than Judy Moody and Darcy Burdock put together.

Paperback Book

240 pages

Published: 2015 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408855447

Dimensions: 132 x 182 x 16mm

Author(s): Clementine Beauvais


The Royal Wedding Crashers Paperback Book Edition by Clementine Beauvais

Part of The Popular Series: The Holy Moly Holiday

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