Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus!

Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus!



Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa. Anna Hibiscus is back home after visiting her grandma in Canada. But it seems that so much has changed while she was away! Double and Trouble have learned to run and Grandad seems to have grown older. One of the chickens has laid its eggs and eventually they hatch – all except one, which Anna looks after. Finally one morning that egg hatches too and a white ball of fluff appears. Anna names her chick Snow White, and the two are inseparable. But Snow White wreaks havoc wherever she goes, and Anna has a hard time keeping her out of trouble. Anna also has a surprise visitor – someone from Canada has come all that way to see her!

Paperback Book

112 pages, black and white

Published: 2012 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406320817

Dimensions: 198 x 136 x 9mm

Author(s): Atinuke


Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus! Paperback Book Edition by Atinuke

Part of The Popular Series: Walker Racing Reads

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