Who Stole the Hamster?

Who Stole the Hamster?



The first title in this hilarious young detective series, perfect for pet lovers and budding investigators. In the first book in this humorous mystery series, perfect for fans of David Baddiel, the school day begins like any other. But when the class realize their beloved pet hamster is missing, it’s not long before Room 11 descends into paranoia-fueled chaos, natural suspects produce natural alibis, and motives remain unmotivated. Now it’s up to Smashie and her best friend, Dontel to do some super-sleuthing and set things right again.

Paperback Book

256 pages

Published: 2017 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406374568

Dimensions: 198 x 132 x 20mm

Author(s): N. Griffin


Who Stole the Hamster? Paperback Book Edition by N. Griffin

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