Witch Watch

Witch Watch



Tiga Whicabim loves her new life in the witchy, glitzy, black and white world of Sinkville. Now, suddenly, colour has started seeping back into Ritzy City – first there was a green apple in the middle of the road, and then Miss Heks reappeared in a garish orange dress. Tiga is very suspicious. But Miss Heks is only the tip of a very witchy iceberg. As Tiga, Peggy and Fluffanora soon discover, all the Big Exit witches are back! And they want to destroy Sinkville once and for all. As Aggie Hoof hides in a cupboard, Tiga, Fluffanora and Peggy race to save Sinkville and end up finding an unlikely ally in Felicity Bat, whose irritatingly excellent witchcraft is exactly what they need. The third glitzy adventure in the Witch Wars series, Witch Watch is perfect for fans of The Worst Witch, Eva Ibbotson’s hilarious Which Witch?, and Witchworld.

Paperback Book

288 pages, Black and white illustrations throughout

Published: 2016 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408852699

Dimensions: 183 x 129 x 20mm

Author(s): Sibeal Pounder


Witch Watch Paperback Book Edition by Sibeal Pounder

Part of The Popular Series: Witch Wars

Suggested Age Group(s): 5 to 8 year olds,